Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Sanitise from the Fringe to the heart of Scotland...

Thursday 12 – Saturday 14 February 2015, 8pm
Tron Theatre, Glasgow

Tickets: £10/£7.50

Box Office: 0141 552 4267


Wednesday 18 February 2015, 7pm
The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

Tickets: £13.20

Box Office: 01224 641 122

Thursday 19 February 2015, 8pm
One Touch Theatre, Eden Court, Inverness

Tickets: £10

Box Office: 01463 234 234


Friday 20 – Saturday 21 February 2015, 8pm
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Tickets: £16/£13/£8

Box Office: 0131 228 1404



Fringe First winning Sanitise tours Scotland

A woman alone in her bathroom – what does it mean to be clean and what does it mean to be dirty?

Set in the most private of places, where dirt can be flushed away in an instant, Sanitise is a theatrical journey through the fantasy world of one woman alone in her bathroom. Combining physical theatre, dance, music and illustration, Sanitise is a quirky, imaginative production without words, looking at a part of life we never talk about and follows one woman's quest for domestic and sexual liberation. Disgusted by much of the outside world, her bathroom has become a sanctuary of cleanliness and an unlikely venue for self-expression. But there is something dark living beneath the bath and as her inner and outer life is revealed we discover a woman torn between fantasy and fear as she negotiates her relationship with literal and figurative filth.  What does it mean to be clean and what does it mean to be dirty?

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