Saturday, 26 July 2014


I decided, as an experiment to see what happened to press releases if I used Google translate, and translate them into arabic and back again. I am asking questions about the relationship between critical writing and puff pieces, by 'making strange' the familiar language of the press release!

M kpebiri na m, dị ka onye na ọmịiko ịhụ ihe mere pịa a na ọ bụrụ na m na-eji Google ntụgharị, na ịsụgharị ha arabic ma laghachi ọzọ. M na-arịọ questionsings banyere mmekọrịta dị n'etiti oké egwu dere na puff mbak, ke 'na-eme ka iju' maara asụsụ nke pịa ufụn!

I decided that I, as a tender and see why the press is that if I use Google translate, and to translate them to Arabic and back again. I ask questions to the critical relationship between the written and the puff pieces, the 'object' know the language of the press release!

Please find the press release and a short warm-up, attached to one of my te comedy show: I think of ists, Facebook, as part of the Free Fringe. (Comedy Bus-Free Cardell, 12:30 S daily).

I had no luck of ists, Facebook - LOLLY Jones

For comedic viral sensation Charlie Brooker Wolf My Life (20000 IM on the first day) and SLI from the world famous London Lolly fall blog (90000 Doorn), Lolly Jones comes to Edinburgh with his wallet debut show.

Temping in 'Sexminster', Lolly does not understand herself or questions of our Prime Minister. Escaping from social media and Google Mapping wallet enemies UN-Lolly poked fun of our collective time, questioning friendly album bound together with a cat on the basis of satirical J-pegs.

Lolly leads the United States through the "meta" of the existence of his wallet with Hashtag arguments grabs and firsthand anecdotes.

Is it permissible to "Arrive" at a funeral? Dryers food tastier if Instagrammed first? And Gwen clinical gon Snapchat Chubb deputy in?

"I got a funny" - Charlie Brooker 2013

"Little Henry" - Charlie Brooker 2014

As an actress / sounded Lolly recently appeared in The Brighton Fringe, on BBC Radio 4 as part of the sketch team at the weekly BBC-Wipe. LOCAL Year runner for Gwen John Neville prize at the Nottingham Playhouse. Gwen is also a regular contributor to Time Panel Magazine, London. Mulreaney recently, Gwen can consider selling dildos killed in my anger on BBC3.

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