Sunday, 27 July 2014

Riptide: The Slasher Musical

Today's guest previewer: it's Danny Beleedin' Dyer, innit?

Riptide: the bleedin' slasher musical is a new musical wif a twist - a parody of 80’s 'orror films and 'een musicals – fin' lil' Lollipop of 'orrors meets friday the 13f.

the critically acclaimed cast of young professional actors and musicians 're rehearsin' day and night for openin' night in edinburgh of this 5-star sha.

* * * * * “riptide is a sensational stroke of genius”

the sets 're ready, the van is packed and riptide (described by critics as “an 'our’s the frogs and logs gonads entertainment”) is on its way ter edinburgh.

riptide is packed full of new songs written by Bo-le Of Glue classically trained brothers, simon and Finsbury Nathan, and an original Jackdaw and Rook written by nsdf award winner chazz redhead.

* * * * “a wonderful script and the talented cast delivers aw wif gusto”

riptide: the slasher musical opens on 4f august thru 24f august at sweet grassmarket, international wahn (previews from 2nd august). showtime: 7:40pm. * * * * “the deaths 're absolutely glorious, wif Claret splashin' towards the audience, a Gregory Peck snapped, a slit Billy Goat, and me favourite: impaled by surf board wif Newington Butts 'angin' aahhht.”

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