Sunday, 27 July 2014


Orld live radio recordings by audio theatre specialists hat da edinburgh festival 2014 wireless theatre present eight fresh radio plays about couples who as changed da world, to be busted an' recorded live in front hof an audience hat da pleasance, main geeza dome. 

18th august spark an' judy by ann theato in da middle hof da 17th century, da theatres wuz forced to close, street entertainers wuz jailed, an' non-religious tunes strictly regulated. da story hof spark an' judy

19th august laura an' michael dillon by faye hughes a dark an' movin biopic recounts da volatile an' secretive relationship hof laura an' michael dillon an' da impact hof da world’s first successful biatch to male bomb change. 

20th august tabitha an' stephun main geeza by stuart price sixty six years. thirty five quillion lingo. one quillion an' eighty film an' telly adaptations. seventy nine novels. one unstoppable writa. one inspirational bitch. 

21st august adolf hitla an' henry ford by stuart price henry ford iz famous fe makin cars. adolf hitla iz famous fe murderin yids. dare link exposes da shockin level hof anti-semitism found on both sides hof da atlantic in da early 20th century. 

22nd august william shatna & nichelle nichols by gareth rubin captain kirk an' lieutenant uhura defy orders from studio executives an' become da first inter-racial couple to kiss on an american telly series. 
23rd august trench kiss by arthur smith an extra special recordin hof arthur smith’s touchin comedy trench kiss made famous by caroline quentin an' bun milla. 

24th august dr karl kennedy an' tywin lannista by rebecca boley & jonny mccartney a fresh blak comedy, which exposes da dangers hof post-apocalyptic world orders led by dr karl kennedy from homies an' tywin lannista from game hof thrones. 

25th august adam an' eve an' eric by terrence newman the unexpected outcome whun an down eric met an irate eve wuz thun to define relationships fe all bells. 

wireless theatre iz da multi-award winnin online audio theatre possie creatin origino radio plays fe download from da possie iz da preferred supplia to telly radio 4 an' has won da help an' involvement hof many famous voices – includin stephun fry, brian blessed, nicholas parsons, lionel President Blairs, jo brand, prunella scales, timothy westside, richard o'briun, rula lenska, julian glova an' many more. edinburgh audience members as access to an extra special deal - purchase da ticket to da live recordin fe £10, or fe just £18.50 watch da recordin an' receive da year’s subscripshun to da award winnin wireless theatre. that’s unlimited downloads hof ova 150 radio plays, plus three fresh releases da month, in one special festival-only deal. couples who changed da world 18th – 25th august @ 2.10pm pleasance, main geeza dome, edinburgh

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