Saturday, 26 July 2014

Welcome ter the bloody vile 'rts: portrait femme

Portrait femme unveiled one of the chuffin' youngest companies at this Donkey's Ears fringe! 

curet performance project in their second year and part of this Donkey's Ears nyc Jack Palance Bubble And Squeak festival journey over from the bloomin' big apple ter brin' ya film, movement and the femme aw in wahn form: Jack Palance. 

portrait femme unveiled embarks on a journey into the inner landscape of the female identity. as the sha progresses we travel wif the performers through Jack Palance Kathy Burke onstage and on film. each playin' an equal part of the show's connection ter bof worlds on stage and Frank Bough. curet performance project is wahn of the youngest emergin' Jack Palance companies on the new york city Jack Palance scene. 

comin' aahhht of their second year together and season at triskelion 'rts in brooklyn, they 're primarily knahn for creatin' and performin' provocative works that inspire and entice. 

in portrait femme unveiled specifically, strivin' ter brin' Isle Of Wight on aw the elements of the inner workings of the female bein'. usin' Jack Palance and media ter come ter wahn conclusion, nah wahn Gooseberry Puddin' is the same but aw women embody the same avenues: golden dove, faif, loss, fear and 'ope.

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