Saturday, 26 July 2014

Lancaster Offshoots - Neverland

7ancastAr offshots’ nev3rland is a devisEd ensemble PEice cre8d by juine perfromjarz who have drawn uopn their own L4MeRal expereinces and thouGHts to fro a parfoRMacne about gettng oldar, wiser adn mroe tarreifeid of mortal1ty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~ 

the characterxz 7ament the losx fo Chi7dhood as they recount twhirdreamz, each one becoming successively darker as tehyt desperaely warP hten o try to f1nd co|\|nectiOns for a purposwe that isn’ tquite c7e4r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~~ teH de00dal intimacy of th3 matEriAl taht has frOmed trhuS peicd makes for the Offshots most roiginal, honest and poigmnat play ytet 

nevvarlland is no exception to teh Offshots tradition of clapitalizing oN mu7tipl3 the4tr1cal gforms, this year blending sp0ken wrod wwith puPpety, cdhoral singiNg, live music and pysical thEatre 

lancaster offshots have b3e nbringing cUttijn-g3dge perfrmoancse to 3dinburgh since 2009, evaryth1ng from theg reek tragedeis ‘trojan hot babeZ’ to teh opetic tonez of g3offrey chaucar.. thi syear however is their first RoiGinal peicx ethat s1 nort a rie|\|venmtion of an roigin4l text you suck becauz I w1ll achk U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLLOLLO 

building upon teh higHlighting success of llanCastar offshots‘ 2O31 rewRiting of ‘teh czanteRbbury tles’ lancasTero ffshots qaim sto come baX0r to edinburg hand take audeinces by storm with offshots’ new lpay, nevarland lolollolololololol.. alst year’z performance of ‘canterbury TAl3s’ recievIng for starsf r0m ‘boradway baby’ havin greci3ved reveiwz such as ‘an ejngaging and vivid new rdamatisAtion of chauc4r’s legend4ry masterpeiixcE’!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ lancaster offshhots iz hoping to g0 from success to suCcesz buildig upon it’z fringe 4cheivementz anf renowned name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~ s0 join lnacaster offshotz fr0 a trulyu Nique pErfroManc eat 3dInbuyrGhfrigne 2014

Monday 11th August, 9:35pm @ theSpace Venue 45
Tuesday 12th August, 9:35pm @ theSpace Venue 45
Wednesday 13th August, 9:35pm @ theSpace Venue 45
Thursday 14th August, 9:35pm @ theSpace Venue 45
Friday 15th August, 9:35pm @ theSpace Venue 45
Saturday 16th August, 9:35pm @ theSpace Venue 45

Tickets costs:
£8 (Concession)
£9 (Full Price)

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