Thursday, 31 July 2014

Dinner with a Dramaturg

The VileArts is delighted to announce a limited run of its famous lunchtime show, Dinner with a Dramaturg. An intimate, one-to-one performance, for a price of an omelet or some pasta, you could experience an hour with one of the pioneers of post-visual criticism.

  • Laugh alone as Criticulous remembers that time when he made a fool of himself by doing a chat show at the Traverse.
  • Cry along with Vile as he explains how he stays in the office until midnight reading about Pina Bausch instead of having a social life.
  • Despair as he grabs your hand and stares into your eyes and explains how criticism is a genre just like poetry.
Last year, at least five people were cool enough to sign up for this special treat. The VileArts is delighted to announce that they expect double the number this year, and reckon at least one person will actually bother their ass to turn up.

Also available: the special Get Pumped off a Critic, a full evening of sexual failure and self-loathing. 

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