Friday, 1 August 2014

Do YOU want some?

Because I am the man to give you some. Come on, then. You FUCKERS. Think I can't take it? I'll FUCKING take you. Bring it.
Bring it on.
I'm sorry. I have just come out of Confirmation. It's a bit like the sound of one man wrestling. He has obviously been thinking about the shamanic in theatre. He's been off on a journey and returned to tell us what he found.
AND HE FOUND A NAZI. How do you dare, how do you very dare to imagine what he has been thinking? Shamanic theatre is what you have been thinking, isn't it? You wanted it, you fucker. You need it.
I never think about theatre. I think about shamanic criticism.
God, you are a pussy. What's your opinion on the boycott of Israel?
Don't say pussy. Just... don't... say... that...
Worried about offending,eh? Liberal...
Don't call me that and I am too as taken with rage as Thorpe when he tries to rid himself of the sneaking suspicion that he is closer to the NAZI than he would like. Enthused with it, enjoy it as it races through my blood, I walk and type and think faster and I am filled with righteousness because I am an anarchist and don't tell me what to do...
No conclusions, no hope, if we are all the same, we can all find excuses.
Thorpe failed because he went too big... it is like when a beginner does the 'loving kindness meditation', that bit when you send out love to someone you hate and the guide says - don't think of Hitler. Try, like, your mum or something.
A nazi is not the opposite of a liberal because he is wrong. The opposite of a liberal is a conservative, with the same muddled hopes and compromises... absolutism, like nazism, is not the opposite of relativism...
The line of the mirror marks a halfway point between the self and its reflection. The nazi is reflected by the communist, the liberal leftist is reflected by the liberal Tory. Thorpe's ambition is to see himself as a radical... another extreme, a bulwark against the darkness...

Do you want some?

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