Monday, 4 August 2014

My Hands Are Dancing, But My Heart is Cold

/5 stars
... and his genius is mighty
Running at under ten minutes, tucked away in the basement of The Arches, Ian Smith's solo venture will be a surprise for those familiar with his large scale projects through Mischief La Bas. While he hasn't abandoned the marvelous vision that inspires Mischief's public extravaganzas – "to gently warp the underlay of the fabric of reality" – it matches the attention to intimacy that characterises the work of Glasgow's Live Art young turks.
My Hands... has that faint discomfort shared by all one-to-one performances, even though Smith is largely hidden by his set. Only his hands perform, yet the judicious use of a mirror lends this subtle show a depth that meditates on lost love, the gap between appearance and reality, sensuality, the performance and the personal without ever becoming just another comment on the irony of the actor's life. It's a subtle reminder that Smith is a quiet genius, able to lead an audience towards contemplation without ever dictating the "answers". The only question that remains is how can

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