Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Glasgow School, unlucky for some XIII: the questions.

At the suggestion of a certain Kenneth Davidson - a man who not only made some of the theatre that currently adorns my wonderwall - I am going to make my questions public. I'll do it one question per blog post, so that specific questions can have their own discussion forums.

This works because I do want my process to be transparent - and if my assumptions are blunt, stupid or prescriptive, I know I shall be told. I also think this will give a chance for people to answer who might not have otherwise been involved.

Question Number One:
Are there any aspects of your own work or practice that you feel are defined by Glasgow? 

If so, what are they and how would you describe Glasgow's influence?

Notes: 'your own work or practice' can mean any level of engagement with performance - from working the box office, through administration, to writing, producing and directing an eight hour long version of Shakespeare. 

Living in Glasgow is not a necessity to answer, although having some relationship to the city is.

If the answer to the question is 'no,' an alternative influence would be interesting to have named.

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