Saturday, 5 June 2010

anna fur laxis 2010

1. What inspired the integration of axe into burlesque?

I was performing in L.A. in the summer of 2008 and I did a show on the same bill as knife expert and "King of Fling" - Jack Dagger (  I knew nothing about knife throwing (or Jack's amazing marksmanship skills!) and I was incredibly inspired.  I trained for over a year both at home in the UK and back in the USA with Jack before taking my act to the stage, and chose axes as they are extremely fun to throw. Jack has become a good friend, and remains a huge inspiration to me. 

2. What made you start working in burlesque?

It came about through 50s pin-up modelling - I  ended up doing a shoot with another model who also produced burlesque shows locally & she offered me a slot in one of her shows as she said my modelling "performance" was practically a routine in itself.  After that first time I was hooked!

3. What acts are you hoping to catch during the week?

Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to catch any of the other LBW shows - I'm flying straight in from performing in Chicago's Windy City Burlesque Festival, and I have to head straight back to Yorkshire, where I'm hosting one of my pin-up afternoon teas!  

4. How does your routine fit with the theme of the Circus Sideshow?

There's a rich history of knife throwing acts in circus & sideshows, particularly in 19th century American travelling circus, which then translated to Vaudeville and Cabaret stages. The merging of striptease and knife throwing is, to me, the next logical step!

5. Is there much of a scene in York?

In Yorkshire, where I live, there is a huge scene.  Leeds Has "Leeds Burlesque"  (, York has Jeepers Peepers ( and of course, also in Leeds, we have the world famous Wet Spot ( as well as several other shows.