Wednesday, 6 August 2014

One for the Ladies

Images from a special photo shoot yesterday at Calton Hill, taken by professional photographer Scott Gosz who captured performer Stefano Giglioni recreating poses and statues (nearly completely naked) made famous by the artist Michelangelo.

This was to promote Sound Affairs bringing their theatre piece, Michelangelo Drawing Blood to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. As part of the show, Sound Affairs have created a classical music theatre piece which sees Scottish dancer Aaron Jeffrey move to the music and positions Stefano (pictured) into the many life model poses created famous by the artist. The theatre piece highlights the man who inspired art, music, architecture, poetry and was even involved in the health. 

Stefano (modestly covered in a sporran and kilt) recreated some of the most famous poses by Michelangelo ahead of the show opening on Friday 8 August. On lookers who were walking their dogs or having an early Tuesday morning run had a shock and giggled, while taking their own personal pictures of the model recreating these statues with the iconic Edinburgh landscape in the background.


Michelangelo’s statues  recreated by life model on Calton Hill, Edinburgh

Sound Affairs brings Michelangelo Drawing Blood to 
Edinburgh Festival Fringe 8- 15 August

On Tuesday 5 August at 8am a life model recreated some of Michelangelo’s most famous statue poses on top of Edinburgh’s iconic Calton Hill ahead of the opening night of Sound Affair’s Michelangelo Drawing Blood at Paradise in Augustine’s (Venue 152) on Friday 8 August.

Edinburgh is home to an array of cultural, literary and medical inspirations, and even though artist Michelangelo never visited the city, he too has a legacy for influencing many modern things today like art, architecture, engineering, poetry, medicine and even the idea of the camera!

Sound Affair’s will be bringing their unique theatre piece Michelangelo Drawing Blood which fuses classical music with dance, theatre and film to explore the figure of the ultimate Renaissance master Michelangelo - an artist who achieved huge renown during his own lifetime.  Michelangelo Drawing Blood sees 21st century theatre meeting 16th century culture at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 8-10 to 12-15 August at Paradise in Augustine’s (Venue 152). 

Cardiff based company, Sound Affairs is renowned for producing memorable performances using contemporary music and cross-art forms in diverse and exciting ways. As part of Michelangelo Drawing Blood, Italian model, Stefano Foster will be recreating a range of male models that provided the artist’s subject matter for many of his paintings, murals and sculptures.  On stage, dancer Aaron Jeffrey’s performs as Michelangelo and moves model Stefano around the stage, shaping and forming his model’s body into a series of poses to show it off to best effect, some of which will be performed in the nude. 

To celebrate the beauty of Michelangelo’s muse, model Stefano recreated some of Michelangelo’s most famous statues on top of Edinburgh’s iconic Calton Hill (modestly covered in certain areas with a kilt and sporron) ahead of the opening of Michelangelo Drawing Blood at Paradise in Augustine’s (Venue 152) from 8 August.

Further information about Michelangelo Drawing Blood can be found at or visit the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Sound Affairs
Sound Affairs will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2014.
Sound Affairs offers an inquisitive audience the chance to enter the world of contemporary music and cross-art forms in an accessible and professionally presented format. Its work has been recognised with a BBC Wales Arts Awards which seek "to encourage and reward progressive, bold and enterprising work". Rooted in Wales but with an international outlook, its aims are to stimulate, to surprise and entertain.

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