Friday, 8 August 2014

The Tools of Critical Intervention

Awright? Mad Cyril ere. Been chattin to my friends in the world of show biz, and it turns out there's some Mail ack sniffin arahnd to get a story abaht fundin. Turns out this lad fancies a moan abaht the waste of public money on art.

Now Cyril is no big fan of the state, and reckons we'd be better off wivaht it pokin its nose into a legitimate business man's affairs. But ee's even less of a fan of Mail Online. Waste of public money - well, betta than the waste of public consciousness the Mail peddles. Tell you wat, mate. Until the tabloids start printin articles that continue public debate, or check out stuff that ain't prattle abaht stars I ain't heard ov, the arts are gonna ave to keep goin.

But anover point, before I put away the pliers. We ain't exactly breakin the bank on the arts, are we? I reckon they spend more on chairs in Westminster than they do on fundin interesting research. You wanna maybe investigate where the gov'nors are investing our tax money? Brians like you ain't quick enuff when it comes to doing investigative journalism when it is the arms trade. Maybe ya brick it when ya might meet someone with the crew to talk back, huh?

Mad Cyril is callin time on these attacks on the arts. Fink you represent the common man, son? Ah'm the common man and I have a common dustbin that can go frew ya winda. Hop it, son, before I ave to remonstrate with you.

Am I Avin it? Like avin ya dinner frew a tube, son?

please note: Mad Cytil is a fictional character and the vile arts does not advocate acts of violence against anyone.This article is for humorous purposes only.

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