Sunday, 3 August 2014

Aving it with Mad Cyril: The Illicit Thrill

Mad Cyril here. Tell you what, there was a coupla comedians in The Loft Bar oo were lucky not to get a dustbin frew their farkin winder last night. Nah, mate, I don wanna hear abaht ya connections to the Noo York comedy story, ya farkin Brian. Leave it aht.

Anyway, gotta good one last night: that Gypsy Charms has got a proper naughty show on: Illicit Thrill. Charms was all over burlesque when it kicked off norf of the borda. Now she's done a nice number on it, whackin up the sexual tension and gettin the gals to crawl ova the punters. It's like she grafted the dramaturgy of the lap-dance onto the usual burly style - that nun was well worth a poke. Charms is a reve-farkin-lation as MC: sleazy, charismatic and really goin to those dark places where most strippin-pretendin-to-be-arty bricks it,

She's got a right tasty band knockin aht the blues, and she gives the punters a real mug's experience, teachin em ow to put that tip in the stripper's bits. Loved it when she got hold of one guy and made im crawl afta a stripper's arse. Then Betty Grumble came on and we were in the land of Genderfuck, Lothian.

Am I aving it? I am aving it large!

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