Saturday, 2 August 2014


Fing abaht satire is, it ain't enuff to getta few laffs. An it aint enuff to, like, tell a good story. Ya see, satire is all abaht buildin somefing up, takin it beyon the real and maybe gettin a laff. But it's gotta be big, like Tori Amos said.

It's Mad Cyril here, known as the C-Word, and betta known for slappin em abaht a bit if they get cheeky. I'm bringin it ta The Vile Arts. Only reason Ah'm doin this is cos The Vile Arts is a proper name. None of that poncy criticism here. I'm mad Cyril, an I am as mad as a farkin lorry, mate.

Ah'll be doin the odd post on here, an Ah'm callin it:


Ah answer the question: am I havin it? Am I havin it large?

That comment on satire: that's directed at The Collector. I fink satire has to be takin the piss - not like whoever left their bangers an mash in the disabled toilet at Summerhall - but mockin those Brians who run fings. I get it can be subtle, like: but I want at least an ironic grin.

Still, it's a tasty script Naylor banged out, an I reckon it has some nice details about the Gulf War and all. If you wanna know what goes down in those US prison camps... it's pretty harsh but not as harsh as what'll you be having if you mess with me, son.

I am not havin it.

Please note: Mad Cyril is not real. Chat: GK Vile; Gettin Sucked in: Elliot Roberts

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