Thursday, 21 August 2014

Team Review: Vile and Eric on Lysistrata (1)

I think that the Lysistrata adaptation is one of the worst things I have seen on The Fringe.
I do think the cast were okay - they did the gender swaps well enough, and the prologue scene is okay, if a bit easy and cheap.
However, the direction seems to push the action into hysteria, until the actors are all just shouting and rushing their lines.

yeah, the prologue scene feels like they are presenting the stereotype of the lonely woman - the really bad excuse most people tend to give when women are not compliant to their demands.

It feels a bit like they were shoehorning in some parts, but I think it's an interesting exploration of the what if
I think we might start with the representation of women first?

like.. what if Lysistrata was a modern woman.
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