Saturday, 26 July 2014

A World Beyond Man

I decided, as an experiment to see what happened to press releases if I used Google translate, and translate them into arabic and back again. I am asking questions about the relationship between critical writing and puff pieces, by 'making strange' the familiar language of the press release!

M kpebiri na m, dị ka onye na ọmịiko ịhụ ihe mere pịa a na ọ bụrụ na m na-eji Google ntụgharị, na ịsụgharị ha arabic ma laghachi ọzọ. M na-arịọ questionsings banyere mmekọrịta dị n'etiti oké egwu dere na puff mbak, ke 'na-eme ka iju' maara asụsụ nke pịa ufụn!

I decided that I, as a tender and see why the press is that if I use Google translate, and to translate them to Arabic and back again. I ask questions to the critical relationship between the written and the puff pieces, the 'object' know the language of the press release!

The World Beyond Man 

The intimate narrative epic Arctic trip, which is based on a true story

The World Beyond Man charts extraordinary true story of the navigator Valerian Albanov 235 mile journey across the Arctic ice in search of pelastus.Huonosti designed for a hunting expedition led by Russian vessel Saint Anna to get locked in the polar ice caps and the Kara Sea, a hundred years ago. After waiting for the melting of 18 months, Albanov decided that the situation was hopeless and decided to leave the ship and return to civilization on foot. In January 1914, he and 13 other crew members went on this dangerous journey.

Adapted from Albanov Diaries (The Land of White Death), Stephanie Dale's writing thrilling to drive the audience in an incredible way. The play is a one-man show, told through the eyes of Albanov taking him and his shipmates through the twists and turns, highs and lows, and the revelations of unknown adventure story.

Specifically designed to support the world of sound, Derek Nesbit.Maailman Beyond Man is an intimate epic narrative set tarina.Suunnittelu and Rachel Denning change throughout the play, to illustrate the narrative it will unpack, evoking the stark and alien landscape through which Albanov moves. Author Stephanie Dale said, "Valerian Albanov diary is an amazing discovery., This hitherto unknown story of resistance, betrayal, and the victim screaming stage. It has been a privilege to work with Cassian Wheeler the creation of a remarkable performance."

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