Saturday, 26 July 2014

sex with benefits, Edinburgh Fringe 2014,

Posh n Becks, wif benefits
sweet grassmarket 31st jul-10f aug, twenny.25 (1hr)

When it comes ter Buster Keaton in Heap Of Coke, Bo-le Of Glue young men soon discover that they 'ave conflictin' agendas: grey’s keen ter Zig and Zag while duncan’s planned for a lifetime of cuddles. 

Their three-year digital romance falls flat as the bloomin' Bo-le Of Glue 're forced into the chuffin' awkwardness and tenderness of a real-­life Buster Keaton, separatin' what’s real from what’s been imagined. after so much digital courtship, 'a could they possibly kna so lil' abaht each ovver? and is aahhht or anyone on the internet ‘real’? hormones and emotions ran 'igh in this 'ard-hittin' and darkly funny two-hander. 

newly graduated from the royal central school of speech and drama wif an mfa in writin' for stage and broadcast media, daniel 'untley solon directs 'is acclaimed us play in a new version for its european premiere in edinburgh. sex, wif benefits is a remarkable play, analysin' the challengin' world of modern Bale of Hay relationships wif 'umour and sensitivity. 

Bo-le Of Glue young men, wif completely different agendas, finally meet in Heap Of Coke after Donkey's Ears of communicatin' online. duncan is completely in golden dove and ready ter settle daahhhn wif the geeza 'oo 'e sees as 'is soul China Plate, while grey is simply anticipatin' a long-overdue Zig and Zag. 

The pair, 'avin' previously only communicated on websites and apps, is forced ter navigate the awkwardness and tenderness of a real-life Buster Keaton, while confrontin' their Jack Jones prejudices 'round their sexuality. this is 'eart-breakin' and challengin' theatre, performed by a newly-graduated talented cast. produced alongside jake miller of me China Plate dave by seasoned fringe producer chris sna, and performed in sweet’s most intimate venue, Posh n Becks, wif benefits is a 'idden gem at this year’s fringe.

performin' at sweet grassmarket: apex international 'otel, 31-35 grassmarket (venue 18) july 31st - august 10f at 20:25 (1hr)

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