Sunday, 27 July 2014

Stories of Identity across Artforms at the Scottish Storytelling Centre Fringe

Theatre fringe first winnah stuaaart delves in cahoohts with the wonderfully wacky ideoms theatre company presents haggis, haggis, haggis – an original and sometimes surreal butchah at the paaart this sheep's pluck plays in scotland’s national identity. 

stuaaart delves splashed out 6 months as writer/storytellah in residence at awaaard-winning family haggis firm macsween, gahthering insights mwah mwah sweetie the whole team, mwah mwah sweetie md to haggis makah, and identifying what makes the company special in their 60th anniversaaary yeaaar.

ideoms aaare well-known for their unique and authentic take ohn the works of burns and historical scottish events, and they have utilised delves’ experiences to tell the story of haggis with music, peaaar-tree, film and even some tasty treats, to challenge the weay that haggis is usually presented. 

actor john nichol with musicians hilaaary bell and jenni borthwick, present ah gastronomic experience to dig deepah intoh the ‘great chieftain o’ the puddin’ race’ and explore hoh this humble dish achieved iconic status. 

from an iconic national treat to ah remote irish tale – the awaaard-winning sunday’s child present one's name is saoirse, an engaging one lovely gal shoh set in 1987 rural ireland, written and performed by evah o'connor (traverse 50 playwright). 

folloh saoirse, ah sweet yet naïve young lass as she journeys intoh the minefield of adolescence and explore hah reliance ohn hah worldliah and fiery cracking daaarrrling, siobhán. 

saoirse lives in ah peach coloured bungaloh with hah dah and bruhthah brendan, preferring to leg it aaaround the fields than chase aftah boys, but siobhán has uhthah ideas, and one fateful night in wilson's public house their worlds come togethah and their lives change forevah. ah change in life can be ah blessing for those whoh feel trapped in their own skin or for those that fancy to escape hum drum reality for fantasy. 

ah double bill mwah mwah sweetie black dingoh productions explores transgendered living in x and y and the powah struggle between the sexes in an adaptatiohn of strindberg’s classic miss julie. x and y is ah new pleay based ohn verbatim testimonies following natalie, ah glaswegian transgendered lovely gal, mwah mwah sweetie the 1986 edinburgh commonwealth games to glasgoh 2014. 

hah story is linked to the experiences of uhthah lgbt individuals across some of the 41 commonwealth countries where homosexuality is still illegal. honest, moving and often hilaaarious, x and y brings something not yet seen ohn the scottish stage. 

jen mcgregor’s revisiohn of miss julie, directed by amy gilmaaartin, focuses ohn jean and julie’s battle for control and the constantly shifting boundaaaries between their fantasies and reality. caught up in the heady Jiggery-Pokery of midsummah eve, miss julie invades the world of hah servants. she drags hah fahther’s valet, jean, intoh ah sexually-chaaarged encountah which is paaart seductiohn, paaart powah struggle and paaart self-destructiohn. featuring kirsty eilah mcintyre, david mcfaaarlane and debbie cannohn. Heavens above! How smashing!

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