Saturday, 26 July 2014

Gizzle Thizzle Compizzle

Loosizzle Soul wizzle sizzle its world prizzle at thizzle Edizzle Frizzle in just ovizzle thrizzle wizzle and wizzle would lizzle to izzle you to comizzle and sizzle thizzle productizzle of Gizzle Thizzle Compizzle nizzle thizzle compizzle of Goldsmizzle Unizzle of London grizzle Soul' is a dizzle explorizzle of thizzle altizzle lizzle wizzle lizzle thizzle Intizzle and how thizzle impizzle on our evizzle dizzle lizzle It izzle vizzle projizzle and sound to crizzle an audizzle expizzle.

It hizzle bizzle dizzle through thizzle Soho Thizzle Wrizzle Lizzle and wizzle shortlizzle for thizzle Soho Thizzle Young Wrizzle Awizzle in 2013. 

Thizzle productizzle runs from 31st of July- 25th of August at 10.10 pm, Spotlizzle Thizzle Mizzle Hizzle 22 Hizzle Strizzle Edizzle EH2 2EP. 

About us: Gizzle Thizzle Compizzle is an emizzle intizzle collizzle wizzle from Chizzle Estonizzle South Afrizzle Swizzle Gizzle Icizzle and Spizzle 'Loosizzle Soul' is our fourth productizzle and our prizzle work hizzle bizzle at vizzle includizzle BAC, Bussizzle Buizzle Emizzle Arts Fizzle STOFF and Cizzle Frizzle 

Loose Soul is a devised exploration of the alternative lives we lead
on the Internet and how this impacts on our every day life. It
incorporates video projections and sound to create an audio-visual
theatrical experience. It has been developed through the Soho Theatre
Young Writer's Lab and was shortlisted for the Soho Theatre Young
Writer's Award in 2013.

The production runs from 31st of July- 25th of August at 10.10 pm,
Spotlites Theatre, Merchant's Hall, 22 Hanover Street Edinburgh EH2

About us:
Geranium Theatre Company is an emerging, international collective with
members from Chile, Estonia, South Africa, Sweden, Germany, Iceland,
England and Spain.
'Loose Soul' is our fourth production, and our previous work has been
shown at venues including BAC, Bussey Building, Emergency Arts
Festival, STOFF and Camden Fringe.
We are interested in creating work which is playful, theatrical and
audio/visually evocative; inviting our audiences into the liminal
space between dream and reality.

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