Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Teztify Dramaturgy: Tez Ilyas @ Edfringe 2017

Tez Ilyas’s new stand up show
‘Teztify’ will be at the Pleasance Courtyard - Beside for the month of August for tickets go to www.edfringe.com

What was the inspiration for this performance?

Well, I thought Teztify is a great pun on my name, and then proceeded to write an amazingly hilarious show around it. It’s worked out really well.

Is performance still a good space for the public discussion of ideas?
Of course. It allows me to hold up a mirror to society and say take a hard look at yourselves. But with jokes.

How did you become interested in making

Kinda fell into comedy by accident. Never really intended to be a performer, but in my mid-20s ended up a doing a workshop on stand-up and ever since then I’ve been at it relentlessly.

Is there any particular approach to the making of the show?
I write a lot and then perform it in front of people and then re-write it and then perform it again. The process probably takes about 20 re-writes, but it’s always worth it in the end.

Does the show fit with your usual productions?
Yeah, pretty much. My shows are always silly, smart and subversive and Teztify absolutely fits that mould.

What do you hope that the audience will experience?
I hope they come enjoy a show that is funny and will also leave them thinking about experiences they’ve never had themselves and challenging their own pre-conceived notions about life.

What strategies did you consider towards shaping this audience experience?
It’s not that deep bro. I write comedy and hope the audience enjoy it. I’m not out here trying to be pretentious for the sake of it.

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