Monday, 24 July 2017

Mad Cyril is Back!

It's like I had totally forgotten: I am Mad Cyril. That's right, the foul-mouthed thug critic who comes out when the stress is all too much for poor little Vile. 

And guess what? 

It's the Fringe. 

For anyone unfamiliar with my personality problems, Mad Cyril is a persona who emerges to say nasty things. I have plausible deniability, too. Mad Cyril is a bit of comedy, my bouffon persona. I'm having a lark, I'm having it large. So - it's the truth, only it's a joke, I don't mean it. I do mean it, But I am refusing responsibility.

While Vile is busy putting up interviews from Fringe companies, Mad Cyril will be making regular posts here, revelling in the nastiness and plucking up enough courage to use some really offensive language. Look out for the 'Mad Cyril' headline for swearing, home truths and the occasional bout of bin-flinging...

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