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Perhaps Dramaturgy: Gabriela Muñoz @ Edfringe 2017

Gabriela Muñoz in association with Aurora Nova
Perhaps Perhaps Quizás

Assembly George Square Theatre, Omnitorium
2.10pm 5-28 August 2017 – (not 9, 14 & 21)
First press performance: TBC
UK Premiere 

Gabriela Muñoz is Perhaps Perhaps Quizás, a heart-wrenching, hilarious and strangely romantic piece of clowning and physical theatre.  

On a stage our Miss Havisham-esque heroine waits for her partner to arrive, to ride into her life on a white horse, and while she waits? She eats cake. Is tonight the night love will come? 

In a time where nothing seems to impress anyone anymore, the desire for real connection feels as elusive as it has ever been.  Gabriela Muñoz is renowned in the clown world for her facial expression and ability to tell a story with minimal movement and extraordinary awareness of the human condition.  In Perhaps Perhaps Quizás she has crafted Greta, a lonely woman who rehearses every week the arrival of the so-called ‘one’. 

Prior to bringing this show to the Fringe, Gabriela performed the show in Mexico City to promote the concept of contemporary circus in Mexico, as well as at the New York Clown Theatre Festival, and in countries including Brazil, Colombia, France, and New Zealand.

What was the inspiration for this performance?

I separated from my partner, and began to pay more attention to controlled relationships, romantic dynamics and the fragility with which we build connections. 

It occurred to me that all this came from our deep personal voids... There is something quite lonely and desperate there, but also hopeful. This duality, this teetering on a fine line, made me realize how comedic and tragic my story was - and that it wasn't only my story. Regardless of gender, creed or race, it is story that people relate to and empathize with - they connect to the character but also deeper with themselves. She is a mirror of who we are. 

Is performance still a good space for the public discussion of ideas? 

I think so. Although I think these days we are on a different quest. These days we want to start reconnecting with our feelings more than our ideas. I like to get myself away from the "idea" of  a performance and make it less an interpretation of an event or the representation of emotions but really speak from the only truth I know. 

Surprisingly, that has had a public effect so I guess it's still a good place to 'silently' discuss (hehe). It's an interesting time to offer people the effect theatre had back in the day, the realization of things, the rollercoaster of emotions, the slap in the face, the visual poetry. But, at the moment, because it´s the way we as society develop, we need to take bigger risks in order to accomplish
and produce that effect: the experience that could change you forever. 

I think the theatre is a space to truly inspire one another.

How did you become interested in making performance?

I needed to talk through a lot of things I think! 
I was lucky enough to find my best element of expression through performing arts. 

I enjoy, profoundly, the process of creating a new show, constructing a new story and putting every piece together in order to talk to more people regardless of their gender, nationality, religion. I focus on the common language we all speak: movement and gesture, which have unusual, beautiful dynamics.

Is there any particular approach to the making of the show?

I explore my sense of aesthetics and propose a very lively visual narrative that enhances what the character is experience. The duality of desperation and hope is expressed through the color scheme, the props... I try to create a sense of time stopping, and of decadence. The humor came after, a natural consequence. 

And I wanted to respect the lightness and softness created on stage with silent, still moments. It´s nice to see stillness, especially in clowning.

Does the show fit with your usual productions?

It does. I have moved from large scale productions to this very intimate format and I find both ways extremely satisfying, in different ways.

What do you hope that the audience will experience?

Exactly that, an experience. :)

What strategies did you consider towards shaping this audience experience?

I interact with people from the audience throughout the show but more than this being a 'strategy', I added this dimension because I wanted to play with someone else but couldn´t find what I was looking for with any other performer.

So, I decided to look for it in the audience ,from people who are genuinely going on that rollercoaster with me for the very first time, with a big and visible question mark on their face. The delicacy of that moment makes each performance completely new and unique, for both the audience and myself. It makes me be wholly present every time and offer that opportunity of silent complicity with a new guest each night.

Aurora Nova is back at the Festival Fringe with eighteen theatre works from around Europe and across the globe.  Circus from Belgium, clown from Mexico and physical theatre from Argentina alongside an entire season of Canadian work make up some of the wide ranging programme of trend-setting, innovative and wildly creative work.  

Aurora Nova has been in operation since 2001, first as an alternative venue at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, now an award-winning programme of work ‘without walls’ which specialises in bringing physical theatre, contemporary circus and new theatrical formats to festivals and venues worldwide. 

Previews: 3-4 August: £9.00
Tickets: 5-28 August:  £10.00 / £11.00 - £11.00 / £12.00 
Box office enquiries: 

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