Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Dramaturgy Machine: Tom Ward @ Edfringe 2017

What was the inspiration for this

To be very personal. But not serious!

Is performance still a good space for the public discussion of ideas? 

Yes, and always will be. Where else will we go for that explosive, in the moment encounter where we can take the piss out of everything serious and po-faced?

How did you become interested in making performance? 

I always dreamed of some stage thing or other, from the moment I saw U2 videos of their Joshua Tree / Rattle and Hum Tour. It was just so full of energy and purpose. I wanted to be a singer, and then eventually was…until I got sacked from my band, Church of the Drive Thru Elvis, and had to look elsewhere.

Is there any particular approach to the making of the show? 

Say a whole bunch of stuff and see what makes you hum inside, and then say only those bits. Look for themes and zone in on them.

Does the show fit with your usual productions? 

Probably. But with more sound effects and way more direct recounting of the stuff that hurts and delights me.

What do you hope that the audience will experience? 
Joy, Laughter, Happiness, Relief.  

What strategies did you consider towards shaping this audience experience? 

I thought about doing it as a play…but I couldn’t carry that off, I’d take the piss out of it immediately. I thought about singing songs but the same. I like talking in to people’s eyes rather than towards them or over their heads. Stand-up comedy is very special. 

Tom Ward’s new stand up show ‘Love Machine’ will be at the Just The Tonic @ The Tron for the month of August for tickets go to www.edfringe.com

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