Thursday, 7 April 2016

You Are Not Going Out Looking Like That.

This is probably the busiest Glasgow Art Weekend of the year - Buzzcut, Glasgow International and Counterflows - and to celebrate, I am introducing the Oh Dear Awards.

Readers are invited to send in descriptions of the many fashion mistakes that will be parading about the city over the next month. Because Glasgow International brings out those people who only seem to leave the house for the free alcohol at gallery openings, there are going to be some hilarious hair-cuts, outfits and beards wandering about the shop.

Please don't send photographs - I have some qualms about public shaming on that level.

Tonight's winner is this guy I just saw in the upstairs bar at the CCA. He was wearing a black trilby hat (nothing wrong there, although hats tend to signal extroversion), a leather tan jacket (doesn't match the hat, but within bounds of acceptability) and A PAIR OF SILK ORANGE RUNNING SHORTS OVER HIS TROUSERS

I mean, didn't his mum stop him at the door and ask if he thought he was going to the gym or for a wee drinkie with his hipster pals. 

It was so hipster uncool that I hardly noticed the man next to him with four different haircuts (shaved on the left side, flopping at the front, mullet at the back and he looked a total - ).

Quick send in your favourites. I'll get an artist to draw the best entries and pretend it is a prize!

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