Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Together at last... Mad Cyril and Criticulous conjure Plato's Ghost

Coming to the fringe of the Edinburgh Fringe, an evening presented by Plato's Ghost Productions... the Resurrection of St Criticulous...

Guests and secret location to be announced.

With clowning fast becoming the wicked medium for artists wishing to challenge the tedium of theatre without disappearing up their jacksies, Mad Cyril is proud to present an anarchic chat show. Nuffin' wrong wiv all those kids 'avin a musical theatre jolly fer a monf, but you need remindin' that performance art ain't a solo sex show wiv some geezer pullin imself off in front of a bunch ov haircuts.

See, clownin' is where it's at, sunbeam. Last coupla fringes, we 'ad that Red Bastard and Puddles stormin' it. You wanna be gettin ova yer coulrophobia, son and release the clowns and bouffons who are the mirror to society that ya need. Plus, they tend to have bothered their arse ta learn sum skillz.

St Criticulous adds: 'I am delighted to have been invited to host this interactive evening. I know that I was killed off at the end of The Last Temptation, but who better to represent criticism at the Fringe than a rotting corpse?'

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