Tuesday, 26 April 2016

GFC breaks you off some method

Let me explain what method means, son.
It's the approach I use to break you off some.
Take one text - today's The Poetics
And read it close like mental athletics.
The big game in town's scientific observation 
That's a method of testing through experimentation.

(Just for the record, while I have your attention,
Science is not ideas or mental masturbation
Over 'just how cool is the Universe, pop'
In a picture by an artist using photoshop).

Just to throw you off guard, here's a surprise:
Other ways of thinking are valuable, guys.
Like, shit, I lost my coffee, I know I put it down
But do I need a hypothesis to turn my loss around?

If I reckon that I made it, and I bought it in my room
I'll look behind my laptop, I check out behind the bed
It's hidden by the screen, and my guess was right...
Now I got a theory that my looking skills aren't shite.

But Aristotle said - I ripped this from Husain - 
That the method of my study does not always stay the same.
It depends, it depends, on what subject I select
The nature of the thing, the method will direct.

Now I'm reading about ontology in the intro by Husain
Her use of fancy language drives me fucking insane.
If she says 'substantive-methodological' one more time
I swear I'll fucking swing for her like she done a literal crime.

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