Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Brief Guide to Critical Personae on the blog

Seriously, if you looked like that, you'd want to wear a mask, too.

This blog uses a variety of identities to explore the possibility that criticism can be a form of fiction. The masks that are worn - the performed persona, if you will - enable a mimetic process of critique, rather than a diagetic

Mad Cyril
The most gangster of all the personae, Mad Cyril was discovered in a brief cut-scene of the film Performance. He gets to say the stuff that The Vile Arts find simultaneously unacceptable, true (as far as truth has any value, natch) and funny. Hence the casual sexism and so on. Cyril, when reviewing, uses a rating of 'dustbins', based on his habit of throwing them through the windows of bookies who owe his bosses money.

The first mask ever worn, Criticulous exists both on the page and the stage: he performed at Buzzcut, The Traverse and The Arches. Conceived as a demonic guardian, like the pictures on the walls of Tibetan tombs, he reverts to a compassionate stance when faced with human beings. He is the clown of the gang, heavily influenced by the 'drunken style' of Ol' Dirty Bastard (hence his other name, Wee Dirty Bastard - given to him by dramaturge Elliot Roberts).

Ghost Faced Critic
Another Wu-Tang steak, GFC is a new addition to the team. Still in
development, he believes but knows nothing, and is likely to become the religious member of the group. 

Gareth K Vile
Remember: personality is performance. I can never be trusted. 

Real People
When he remembers, GKV is a member of the Tempo House collective. References to Lorna Irvine and Elliot Roberts actually describe two of the people he actually listens to. Lorna is a critic of international standing, Elliot is a dramaturge. 

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