Friday, 29 April 2016

Virtue of Dramaturgy: Botis Seva (Far From the Norm)

Virtue of Ignorance
Choreographed by: Far From the Norm
Performed by: Botis Seva
Music by:  Torben Lars Sylves

Botis Seva

Do you see your choreography in any particular tradition?
Yes, my craft is rooted in hip hop theatre but it can also be seen as experimental, visual theatre. I take foundations from with hip hop and techniques and I experiment with the form to create my own tradition.

What inspires you to use dance as a medium, rather than another art form?
I don't always have to speak within dance. I can tell the story or convey a message through a different way of communicating, just through the body instead of the mouth. It also allows the audience an open interpretation of what it could be and not dictated by what it is...they have to read between the lines.

What was the foundation or inspiration for this piece?
It was inspired by the creation process I have to go through when creating work and how I tackle my thoughts during this process in my head. It also was influenced by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's - Birdman.

Was the making process typical of your usual approach?
No - it was harder. It’s different to be surrounded by my company Far From The Norm and bouncing ideas off my dancers in the studios and having them inspire/shape and take joint ownership of the piece. With this work it was just me, in the studio, with my thoughts again.

What do you hope that the audience will experience?
Confusion. I hope they will experience some sort of journey that they take ownership of, of finding for themselves.

Are there any strategies you have developed to help this experience happen?
I have used storyboarding a lot to create this piece, I don't always storyboard and I found it valuable to get my ideas out of paper and in front of me, to piece together the bits of the puzzle.


On and behalf of Far From The Norm

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