Saturday, 16 April 2016


Having spent the afternoon chatting to Josh Widera, a patient man who understands theatre and politics, I am ready to state my political position. 

I am a Reformist Anarchist

I have claimed anarchism since my childhood. My school studies of twentieth century presented me with a series of ideologies - communism in the USSR, Nazism and Fascism, capitalism in the USA (my subsequent life introduced me to neoliberalism), British democratic socialism, Rastafarianism (through Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia). Then, of course, the school itself showed me a very English version of intellectual colonialism. On the whole, I was not impressed, although some (British socialism) came across better than others (insert Goodwin's Law here).

I also bought some records by The Sex Pistols. Anarchism seemed more fun, plus it had a better logo. My subsequent engagement with political actions, such as the occupation of Govanhill Baths, helped me to realise what I believed in, while feeding my distrust of political groups, who were often dishonest in their behaviour to further their ends and perpetuate their control. 

Rejecting political parties and leadership remains the only honest path. For example, The Green Party has the closest set of political aims to my beliefs, but Patrick Harvey's leadership relies heavily on his white male privilege and the cult of personality that got the SSP in trouble with Good Old Tommy Sheridan. Sorry, Patrick, but when you represented The Greens at the Women for Independence Event, I decided that your cheeky smile masked an ambition that goes beyond your delightful speeches. 

However, since I am not a total idiot (or, to paraphrase The Electro Hippies, I did not take 'away my mind and put an 'A' sign there'), I've noticed that revolutions end in bloodshed or a minority seizing control and imposing terror on the population, or both. So I am a reformist, believing in gradual change.

It's why I don't sign petitions: although I think they are better than shooting people, they appeal to the authority currently in power, this confirming their power.

Reformist Anarchism: Don't Install Corporations And Leaders

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