Saturday, 2 April 2016

A Hoose Huband's Dramaturgy: Stuart Thomas on Writing Hoosewives

What was the inspiration for the Hoosewives in the first instance  - and now for the wedding?
I find reality TV to be endlessly fascinating, and the chance to have fun with it (in both shows) was too good to miss out on. Taking the tropes and spoofing them was an inspiration in itself.

Will there be a trilogy?
The characters have lots of juice left in them and the audiences love the shows, so anything is possible.

How do you go about writing the script: did you take into account the cast, or present a play to them?
I wrote specifically for most of the actors involved. I've written roles for most of them in the past.

Does your script sit within any tradition?
Scottish variety -- it's a rich, multi-facated form of entertainment and I hope the Hoosewives contribute to this tradition, as it's a form of theater I love, and I'm very proud to write in that vein.

Does the pavilion and the audience lead you to write in a particular way?
Absolutely -- this show and the first one are/were tailor-made for the big warm vocal audience at the Pavilion

Are there any surprises in this show that would not be expected from Hoosewives?
I think the characters go a bit further in this one, both in terms of humour and in terms of character...

Are you involved much in the rehearsal process?
I live in San Francisco, so my role is limited to responding to requests if certain scenes or lines need reworked. 

What - or who - influences you as a playwright?
My family, friends, my experiences, and shows and plays and films that make me think, laugh or cry, or all at the same time.

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