Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Well, that escalated quickly

I am afraid that I am depressed about Buzzcut's response to my posts that say something about the artists performing at the festival. Do read it yourself and consider the points made.

We don't think it is appropriate for you to decide how each artist represents themselves as part of this festival.

This reads as an attempt to define the way that a critic operates. My posts took information available on the web and collated them in one place. It was my research into the festival, and I frequently put my research onto the blog. The words are those of the artists in question. 

There's another issue here: I am not deciding how they represent themselves. I am deciding how I represent them on my blog. But it is utterly  appropriate that a critic talks about artists in any way that want... and this is not just just for critics but anyone who has any opinion. The terms of public discussion of the arts are not the exclusive domain of artists, but a dialectic between artists and audiences. 

I respect the time and effort that it takes you to put together such a large and impressive programme, and I am sad that my posts have been seen as counter to the spirit of the festival. Having said that, just like the artists in the programme, I have to follow my aesthetic and do what is appropriate for me. 

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