Monday, 9 March 2015

People at Buzzcut 2015 DAY 2 // THURSDAY 19TH MARCH

To see the Buzzcut booklet, go here.

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  1. Dear Gareth, we understand maybe you are trying to be helpful with this, but from our point of view it is incredibly unhelpful and disrespectful. On our website it says: 'Soon we will be publishing a full online programme with all the info and images about individual performances and artists, but get in touch if you want more info about anything at this point.' We have spent a LONG TIME collecting all of the 60 artists individual copies, images and bios and created a beautiful document to represent the work of everyone which we are going to be releasing later today. This still gives everyone over a week before the festival to read it. And because no pre booking is required, we feel like this is ok. The reason it hasn't come out sooner isn't because of any kind of political statement, we want to be kind to our audiences and our artists, it is purely because there are basically two of us putting this thing together, and things take time. We don't have a marketing department. Although, Nic Green what you say about our choices is also valid, and that is why we release the first list of names in the way that we do. We don't understand why you didn't get in touch with us before you spent all this time doing this. We could have passed you on any information you wanted to know, this is what is says on our website. Also, we don't think it is appropriate for you to decide how each artist represents themselves as part of this festival. It is up to them to write that and send it to us and for them to be represented this way. As artists we often change our artistic statements depending on the context. As we said earlier, we believe you are trying to be helpful, but it's important that we tell you that we find it to be the opposite.