Friday, 20 March 2015

MY Glasgow

Creative Oceanic is an integrated events and
communications agency that specialises in developing holistic strategies and big creative ideas, that are amplified across the whole marketing mix. Some say they can manage it all for you, but we are the real thing. We do this through our selective talent model. We aren't generalists, we are a team of seasoned specialists with national experience.

Creative Oceanic are the organisation behind 'The Glasgow Awards'. They have a fine list of organisations for whom they have provided marketing services. It's clear that they decided on adding a Glasgow award to their portfolio of My City events because of a deep love for West Coast culture. 

It's nothing to do with selling tickets at a hundred quid a pop for a spurious ceremony.

Let's have a look at the various categories: twenty seven in total. Eight of them are for food and drink places. Five are business awards. There's a young achiever award (an individual who has achieved significant success at a young age be that in sport, education, business or community initiatives), which is nice, and a couple for charity and community initiatives. Oh, yes, some about venues - and my favourite: Best Shopping Complex.

I hope to God that someone put the Savoy up for that one.

Sadly, nominations are now closed. It's odd that, as the underground culture maven that I am, I knew nothing about this until it was too late. I am clearly losing my edge.

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