Tuesday, 3 March 2015

New Visual Art Exhibition Earth Rise at Glasgow Tramway

Jessica Ramm presents Earth Rise, a new exhibition for Tramway from 14 March to 19 April.

Jessica Ramm’s films, sculptures, and performances explore the relationships between people, the environment, and technology. Resembling imaginary sets or curious experiments her works convey a sense of material translation, often involving reconfigurations of objects and materials drawn from nature. Ramm’s works also allude to mythological themes as well as our environment, and her immersive installations investigate different notions of space and matter.

Ramm’s research consists of a series of ongoing, sometimes haphazard, experiments which examine contemporary civilizations and their ordering of nature through technology and science, often contrasting with the environmental forces of the natural world.

This is reinforced by the allusion to different orders of time in her works which juxtapose themes of day to day life with long term geological and cosmic events.

For Tramway, Jessica Ramm will present new sculptural works that extend her research into the mobility and resistance of matter. 

Presenting documentation of her performances in which she uses her own body to manipulate the environment, alongside objects lifted from nature such as a large erratic boulders, her work evokes landscapes which are both interior and exterior to the human body.

This new Jessica Ramm exhibition is supported and presented by Tramway, and is part of Rip It Up.

14 March– 19 April
Tramway 5

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