Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Well, that escalated quickly.. (2)

https://issuu.com/glasgowbuzzcut/docs/buzz_full_programme_2015/43?e=0I have just checked my statistics for the blog, and discovered that my posts on 'who is appearing at Buzzcut' have had the highest number of hits for any single article this year. 

I'd like to take a moment to respond to another criticism of the post. People are divided about the value of my comments: some argue that just turning up without prior knowledge is better, others have given trenchant reasons why not describing the performers at all is better (Nic Green made an excellent argument for its political implications).

Okay, here we go... I think that the argument that it was unnecessary is fine for people who are already likely to intend the festival. However, there are people - myself included - who like to have a rough idea of what Buzzcut is about, and that includes a rough outline of who is performing. It detracts nothing from the experience of those who are happy to come along anyway, and might, possibly, enable those who enjoy a particular subject or style to make a choice to come on a certain day. 

I'll get onto my bitterness later. But in defence of the objection that it reduces an artist's copy to a brief sound-bite: welcome to the twenty-first century. Speedy communication dominates... an impression is all  I am trying to give. A suggestion, a broad idea.    

To see the Buzzcut booklet, go here.

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