Wednesday, 18 March 2015

For Elliot Roberts: EIF Theatre

Perhaps we have to admit that our pessimism was misplaced. Untitled are bringing Justified Sinner to the EIF. It was lucky that I was alone when I found out: my little dance of delight would have been embarrassing in public.

This is my quick reply to the Edinburgh International Festival's announcement of their theatre programme. Not only does it feature stuff that I have not seen before (I mean, I love the Wooster Group, but they just kept coming back...), it has a strand that makes me happy.

Celebrating great Scottish work and artists, this year’s Festival offers people the world première of Alasdair Gray’s Lanark in a production by the Citizens Theatre written and directed by David Greig and Graham Eatough... alongside opportunities for locals and international visitors to see two existing, very successful works, Dragon and Untitled Project’s and the National Theatre of Scotland’s Paul Bright’s Confessions of a Justified Sinner directed by Stewart Laing, showcased at the Festival.

fergus linehan
So, right, yeah, there is this joke in Confessions that the 'Scottish slot' in the EIF is, like, fatal to Scottish companies - mainly because they have to put on a new work, and the pressure is great, and it tends to be a disappointment and...

...reviving Confessions answers this, giving space to an established piece (that is critically acclaimed): the EIF is actually showing the world what is going on in Scotland. 

New festival director Fergus Linehan is alright by me.

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