Thursday, 12 March 2015

Struan Logan: A Yes Voter in London

So, I guess you've found the perfect venue for this show, Struan?

Weirdly enough the venue name is a total coincidence. Beforehand it was called Vespbar and it is a little bar with a lovely performance space in the basement. It is a great room for comedy and runs a lot of different nights there. 

You know I am not so good with the comedy... what's the best night they have?

My favourite gig there was run on Sundays by Clare Sheppard and Kenny Boyle called the Variety Society which had comedians, poets, musicians and actors experimenting with new material and monologues. It stopped late last year but I am very grateful to Clare and Kenny (who own a theatre company called Sonic Boom Theatre) for running it as it was a really supportive atmosphere and helped cut my teeth as a comic. 

Last time I performed there it was only unofficially calling itself Yesbar just after the referendum.

Wait a minute - Sonic Boom Theatre - I think I know them: aren't they touring a piece about being a superhero at the moment?

Don't forget that Clare Sheppard is starring in a play about the 2012 closing Olympic ceremony which is written by a bunch of friends who I gigged with a lot at Variety Society! 

Anyway - do you reckon this show is set to go down south yet? There is the mention of London in the title...

I would love to do the show a few more times but I feel London is ridiculously competitive and I don't think I have much of a draw as an act there. Currently I'm more focussing on getting better as a comedian and writing this show than to think that far ahead!

There must be other cities that you can try...

I may do it in Dundee as I went to university there, ran my own gig and know I'm up against very little comedy!  If I was to do it south of the border it would be in a ridiculously small place so I didn't have to worry about filling it. I'd like to think the show has a good angle and the topic isn't going to go away any time soon.

Having started comedy in 2012, Struan was picked to participate in The Stand’s Comedy Academy, having lessons from some of the UK’s finest comedians like Simon Munnery, Vladamir McTavish and Susan Morrison. Struan has performed twice at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2013 with the mixed bill show On Tour (We Live Here) and in 2014 with Two More Liars. Both were well-received and included some big name acts as guests such as Will Franken, Steve Bujega, Pierre Novellie and Ian Smith.

Struan formerly ran and hosted Hand Drawn Comedy in Dundee, creating an amateur comedy scene in a city where there wasn't one before, and was the regular compere of Glasgow’s Comedy in the Basement including the sell-out 2014 Glasgow International Comedy Festival show.

What the press have said about Struan Logan:

“Scotland proves again what a well of talent it has to draw from.” -

“Struan Logan doesn’t like to stoop to childish, sugar-filled bribery.” - The List

“The rare gem of undiscovered student comedy… feeding the audience a dinner of one liners.” -

“Impeccable taste in comedy… worth a checking out.” - The Magdalen

“Struan Logan is original and that’s all you need to know… Oh! And bloody funny.” - Terry Alderton

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