Thursday, 12 March 2015

Thoughts on Hedda Gabler

But seriously: we don't. The play does not last 36 hours (at least I hope not...)

Ibsen’s work continues to stand the test of the time as he strived to ‘depict human beings, human emotions, and human destinies, upon groundwork of certain of the social conditions and principles of the present day’ (Ibsen letter). Richard Eyre has written a remarkable adaptation of Hedda Gabler with the language being both contemporary and viscerally bold but staying true to both Ibsen’s intentions whilst creating a fully imaginative and relevant discourse for our contemporary audience. 

Within Hedda Gabler we have real people who exist within a domestic situation and over the course of the 36 hours of the play struggle to deal with life and death situations, and how to conform to the societal constructs of being a successful and reputable ‘Man’ or ‘Woman'.

Our characters are in conflict with maintaining these perceived societal ideals: where men can take direct and public action whereas women were less and to remain behind the scenes. I think it is highly interesting to look at how far we have moved forward in equality and what aspects we still have to address. I am genuinely delighted with the discussions, ideas and the strength of acting we are exploring and playing with in rehearsals.”

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