Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Stereo's 7th Birthday Party

Great stuff: Fritz and Louise were one of the highlights of the recent Arches Live!, I loved Life Without Buildings back in the day for their quick-fire angry lyricism and... hang on. What's this?

Celebrate and engage, I get... but interrogate? How the hell is that anything to do with a party? Am I supposed to turn up in a beret and dark glasses and tie someone to a chair? 

Yes, I know it is how artists always talk about their work, but is a birthday party really the place for it. Like, I'm really going to interrogate this pint of beer?

If we are heading to International Art English, I am problematising the poster's easy going rhetoric.

Still, this will be good and it supports a good cause. I am excited to see all of the acts, from the pop-thrash of The Smack Wizards to the blokes off Mogwai on the decks.

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