Friday, 7 November 2014


The Grew Quartet
Stephen Grew: piano
Matt Robinson: clarinets
Seth Bennett: bass
Phillip Marks: percussion

The Grew Quartet are thoroughly spontaneous and range through many moods and influences, from cool, reflective lyricism to an intensity not dissimilar to a high velocity Jimmy Giuffre/Paul Bley ensemble through to more playful, jazz influenced melodic and rhythmic areas, taking in the atomistic, pinpoint energy of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble of the 1970’s.

Grew Quartet was formed in 2009 when Stephen Grew and Phillip Marks connected with clarinettist Matt Robinson and bassist Max Sterling. A short burst of recording and the occasional gig followed, the results coming out in October 2013 as “world line”.

Seth Bennett joined on bass at the beginning of 2013. More gigs and recording followed and the album “invisible hand” has just been released in October 2013

Stu Brown: drums
Catriona McKay: harp 

Jer Reid: guitar
The 2nd gig for this new trio. All three players are busy with all kinds of things. That's what interesting - people who do lots of jazz, folk, improv, stuff with dancers etc finding how they fit together. In real time.
Stu Catriona and Jer met at a practice of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra and decided playing together was a good idea! Stu and Jer played together a wee bit together YEARS ago - they can't agree on where or when. Made an impression.

The trio's first gig was at Sharmanka gallery.

Alistair Quietsch
Does all kinds of thing with music and visual art. Often with bass, with loops, with home made horns, with singing. He's on it. A mix between looping minimalist compositions and experimental found sound.

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