Friday, 21 November 2014

Berger on Cixous

Today, at Glasgow University, Cara Berger explained, as part of a lecture on 'the feminist politics of the post-dramatic', Helene Cixous' vision of an Écriture féminine. With clarity and precision, Berger marked out the idea that a 'female writing' could examine, and take apart, the habitual way that the world is discussed and understood. Rather than a masculine language of ownership, Écriture féminine offers a vision of the world that is led by touch rather than observation, that knowledge is gained through interaction with the environment.

This vision suggests that the way in which the world is understood determines the way in which humans interact with the world. A 'female writing', which Cixous associates with the social definitions of feminity rather than biological, offers an escape from the tyranny of objectivity and the commodification of nature - and ultimately, the human.

Meanwhile, The Guardian has released another microplay. This one points out that mix-tapes can bring back memories. It also challenges notions of space-time, proving that five minutes can be a very long time in which nothing happens.

Still, at least they kept off the politics, this time. 

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