Friday, 14 November 2014

Notes on Dowry @ The Arches

...a long veil which covers the female body but also connects us across a long room...

An uncovered female body, pale in the darkness of the room, beckons and entices. The passing of a yoke, both erotic and an exchange of power, becomes a symbol not just of marriage but more sensual unions.

We stand together, reflected in the mirror, as a couple.

I am given a chain which is both jewelry and a symbol of enslavement. I am adrift in a featureless room, floating through a sexual transaction.

The erotic is not the pornographic as the pornographic is sexuality
define by politics...

...politics being power relationships...

An immersive silence, as if these actions are too weighty for more words...

Play only possible when the political is excluded. Discuss.



Body as commodity.

Innocence compelled.

Innocence and naivety discarded.

I am still thinking.

We are both yoked.

Yoked together by external forces.

Beyond our power.

Ritual is erotic, or at least...

physical, embodied.

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