Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Rusty Rockets Raps

Verbal dexterity plus incoherent thinking is what leads to parody of 
Park life

but words used efficiently can be a useful for a tool
to slice through propaganda like
a... your life

I can't get my head around that your Booky Wook
features a description of your behaviour at the 
Ed Fringe

Where you used your gigs as a way to procure women 
For drunken after parties where someone (allegedly) got raped
That can't be right in any accent.

You can't be polysyllabic or talk about important things

Unless your gender politics are more advanced than Dapper Laughs
Who can we turn to in this apocalyptic, apoplectic climate  - 
Russell Brand
Ass Wipe
You must be joking...

Having an effective system of media means

the only alternative is mugs like Russell Brand,
I suppose we could distract ourselves with consumer trinkets,
Like buying your DVD or book and thinking that saying something in a loud silly voice is as good as actually getting out and doing some good for the community,
Eh, Russ?

Oh well, don't take it too seriously

We'll all be dead soon
But if you care to read my Booky Wook 2 you'll see how I managed to turn my flat into a harem
In which all the women, although they may not have had a bad time individually
Were treated like objects... if they wanted to talk to the future revolutionary, they were quickly dismissed as he went on to fuck someone else, leaving them drunk in a flat for his predatory mates
of course you say he didn't do it, because he's not that kind of guy, eh

All the people, so many people

They all go hand in hand
Distracted by your blathering

I got so much trouble on my mind,
Refuse to lose here's your ticket:
Hear the comic get politic

The crew to you to push the joke to hack
Attack so I sat and react
Then loved the words
Now I'm ready to type it.

Hear my critique roll, oh
Never see a writer like me go home, no.

Russell Brand's approach 

is gauche,
His chat sounds good on stage
Sounds like shit on the page

Ways to help your thought and train ya
The way he's livin', I'm thinkin'
does need forgiving.

Brand's wanking hand hear me now
I don't know about the real you
As for now I know you get paranoid

Man I've had it up to here
Words you say not got 'em goin' in fear
Rhetoric replaces activism
More interested in shooting ya jism
Than making points you didn't hack
From the No Logo blurb on the back
Way back in your learnin days
Before you fucked Katy, matey,
Remember how you filled a book
With all the emotional liberties you took...

Raw, metaphysically bold,
You follow a code
So you shoot your load
You come across like you are holier
More like Tom Cruise when he was in Magnolia.

Left wing problems number one:

Treatin' women like they're only good for cum
Shot from the cock of a big leader
Stuck in role of typist or feeder.
Told to shut the fuck up in 60s meeting
SWP and their emotional beating
Of a woman who dared to call time
When leader acts like sexist swine.

Sometimes the message doesn't matter
Empty vessels always clatter.
Get right with your actions.

See the image you're givin'
No respects being given to how's ya livin'
Read your book, feel snakebitten,
Been spit in the face
But the rhymes keep fittin'

Work to keep from gettin' jerked
Ya changed some ways
But never question, 'What I am?' God knows
Cause it's comin' from the ego

What I got better get some
Now I can't protect a unpaid defect
Check the record
An reckon an intentional wreck
Played off as some intellect

Made the call, took the fall
Broke the laws
Not my fault that they're falling off

Known as fair square
Throughout my years
So I growl at the livin' foul

Critic to the bone my home is your home
But welcome to the terrordome

Come on down
Come on down
Come on down
Come on down

Subordinate terror kickin' off an era
Cold deliverin' pain
My ninety eight was eighty seven on a record yo
So now I go bronco

Crucifixion ain't no fiction:
So called radical is actual
Apology made to whoever pleases.
Still you think you are Jesus
I rather sing, bring, think reminisce

'Bout a brother while I'm in sync
Every leftist ain't a leftist cause an attitude
Just as well could be undercover
Backstabbed, grabbed a tag
From the back of the lab

Told Farage get off the rag...
Sad to say we'll get sold down the river
Tories don't quiver when you deliver

Never to say I never knew or have a clue:
Word was heard, plus hard on the boulevard
Lies, scandalizin', basin'
Traits of hate: who's celebratin' with Satan?

I rope a dope the evil with righteous
Bobbin' and weavin' and let the good get even
C'mon down
But welcome to the terrordome

Come on down
Come on down

Caught in the race against time
The pit and the pendulum
Check the environments and the way
we're bending 'em

Snakes blowin' up your lines of design
Trying to blind the science you're sending 'em
How to fight the power?
Cannot run and hide
But it shouldn't be ego-tised.

In a game a fool without the rules
Got a hell of a nerve to just criticize
Every leftist ain't a leftist
The SSP's failure was given a hand
By the lies of Tommy Sheridan

The shaming of women
In the court of the land
Done to help him escape the Man

Come on down
Come on down

It's weak to speak and blame somebody else
When you destroy yourself
First,  nothing's worse than a woman's pain
Of innocence abused by a celebrity

Can't wait for the state to decide the fate
So this jam I dedicate
Places with the sexist faces
An example of one of many cases

The feminist speech I speak
From a lesson learned in Glasgow
I don't smile in the line of fire
I go wildin' but it's on blog and print, even radio

Watcha do gitcha head ready
Instead of getting physically sweaty
When I get mad
I put it down on a pad
Give ya somethin' that cha
Never had 

Controllin' fear of high rollin'
God bless your soul and keep livin'

Never allowed, kickin' it loud
Droppin' a bomb
Brain game intellectual Vietnam
Move as a team
Never move alone
But welcome to the terrordome

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