Sunday, 30 November 2014

Back from France....

Good grief, Scotland. I go to France for three days and come back to bickering about whether Liz Lochhead ought to be allowed to remain as makar now that she has joined the SNP (quick answer: yes. It's not like anyone reads poetry any more). 

Anyway, while Scottish culture was going through this tumult, I was watching Belgian artists covering themselves in shaving foam, being taught French by teenagers and occasionally supporting their critical processes. Just so we are clear: I am in demand all around the world. Watch out Scotland: I might emigrate if I don't get loads of respect and money. 

As regular readers will now, I only start boasting like this, I am feeling insecure. This time, it is the brilliance of the teenagers with whom I worked in Lille. During our sessions on critical thinking, they managed to work out the function of theatre as 'rehearsal' for social behaviour and a challenge to expected ways of thinking - ideas that it took me eight years and a post-graduate study at Glasgow University to even consider. Rather than worrying that modern youth has been dumbed down by the growth of social media, I am worrying that I am about to be replaced by a generation of texters. 

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