Monday, 3 November 2014

A Public Apology

I might be off the blog for a few hours this afternoon, as I am going to St Aloysius Church to try to confess my sins. Today's special number is shame, and not the good shame I get when I go to Torture Garden. It's the bad shame when I am rude about somebody on my blog and get called out on it.

I might have reviewed the comments that someone at the Autechre gig made - and contrasted their comments with my own immense wisdom. Given that my blog is chock full of pretentious idiocy, I now recognise that I am not in a position to cast aspersions.

I am sorry that I did this, and will be added this apology to the blog post in question. I am now going to make up a really pitiful attempt to justify myself, but it might be easier for readers to remember that, actually, I did a dick move.

When I review, I am really reviewing myself, and any comments that I make are reflections on myself. If I suggest someone else said something stupid, I am trying to undermine my persona as an impartial witness and revealing my own ignorance.

I still think the bloke dressed up as a tampon looked like a fool, though. However, the suggestion that Autechre are abstract is pretty much on the money (even if I disdain the hyperbole). And Serocell said the same thing to me when he read my review.

I hope that you'll accept the apology, but it would be my fault if you don't: you can totes slag me off...

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