Friday, 15 February 2013

London Cabaret Awards 2013

The London Cabaret Awards 2013 have announced the winners at a ceremony at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. I use this as a chance to see how much of the cabaret scene I still get to see, despite being in Glasgow.
Best Speciality Act: Craig Reid (Craig the Incredible Hula Boy)
Sadly, I have not seen this act. I heard good things, and the return of the speciality act - juggling and the like - is a sign that the cabaret scene is both picking up on the breadth of the old vaudeville show and infusing it with a thoroughly contemporary edge.
My cabaret art crush
Best One-Off Production: Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!
Penny Arcade. As championed on this blog, frequently. A brilliant choice that proves how the live art lineage is feeding neo-cabaret (and keeping it clear from that light entertainment stigma).
Best Burlesque Act: Laurie Hagen
Another one I have missed. I've been covering burlesque less these days.
Best Vocal Act: Fascinating Aïda
A venerable trio that have been reinventing themselves since before cabaret was hip. Still sharp and witty - last seen by me at the Edinburgh Fringe.
Best Musical Variety Act: Sarah-Louise Young
Well deserved: Young can do character comedy (her one woman show usually has four very different personae fighting for attention) and hold a tune. I like the one where she is the European experimental artist the best, although "her woman of a certain age" has a show business sparkle of impending doom.
Best Newcomer Award: The Spiegeltent Season At Wonderground
The Spiegeltent is always a treat: doing what it says - a tent full of mirrors.
Best Drag Act: Myra Dubois
Radio show guest and slightly terrifying. Myra's success is a glimmer of hope for anyone who loves the idea of a children's show show using that name, or enjoys acerbic, cutting asides.
Best Ongoing Production: The Double R Club
Best Host / Compere: Dusty Limits
Of course. Dusty is the most intelligent man in the art, apart from me. Even when he is bored, he is insightful and witty. Ennui has never looked so fatally beautiful
Best Cabaret Venue: Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club
Best Alternative Performer: David Hoyle
Audience Award: Alp Haydar
Unsung Hero Award: Sharon Calcutt (Finger in the Pie, Stage Manager)
Outstanding Achievement Award: Torture Garden
I went there and danced. Wearing my big priest cloak... for about five minutes I looked vaguely cool. TG deserves the award just for that. 

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