Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cain's Book

Good afternoon and welcome to The VileArts' Dark Poetry recommendations. The respected Untitled Projects are bringing a theatrical interpretation of Cain's Book to The Arches, which will be one for lovers of beat and beaten poetry, a trawl through the world of a heroin addict, who happens to be a writer. We go over to Mr Criticulous, speaking live from the collective unconscious, for further details.

"Bit of a disorientating one, this. Cain's Book is a rare thing: a beat novel written by a Glaswegian. Author Trocchi was a bit more hardcore than most of the American beats, although Burroughs was a fan, lending a very Scottish edge to the whole 'wild for life' schtick of Kerouac and pals."

"Thank you, Criticulous. I hear that Patti Smith is a fan of the novel."

"Patti Smith is a fan of anything vaguely associated with the beat brand, so we can discount that support. It's fair to say that her appreciation of the beats tends to ignore any ugliness. And Trocchi is best understood as being closer to Burroughs than Smith. In many ways, Cain's Book  is the ultimate expression of the blown out, self-destructive impulse within the bohemian culture."

"I hear they've got a good name on directorial duties?"

"No surprise there: Untitled Projects is Stewart Laing's baby, and he won't let his name gets besmirched. We've got Alan McKendrick (Finished With Engines, Violence Was Offered) at the helm, no mean writer himself. I think this adaptation will show how Cain connects with the sort of theatre Sarah Kane would later discover."

"That is a personal opinion, right?"

"Based on the evidence, yes. Bleak humour, drug abuse, bits of philosophy. What's not to love?"

"Having seen the state of your house are a weekend of that, I suggest sticking to the play..."

The Arches, Glasgow

25 & 26 Feb, 7.30pm

27 Feb*, 7.45pm

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