Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I ♥ ]ps[

Personally, I am trying to persuade readers to donate to me I do need to eat now and again, although blogging sustains me in other ways. However, a performance space has asked for help, and I am passing it on. It's more important that they survive now more than ever: grassroots and DIY work needs a place to flourish, and without them, we'll end up with nothing but previews of musicals on my blog.

I ♥ ]ps[

Call out to support ‘]performance s p a c e [’ in Hackney Wick

To date, ]ps[ have established and maintained an international reputation for delivering cutting edge performance works, acknowledged by academics and key cultural institutions as essential to the development and sustainability of this art form in the UK. Until now, they have financially supported the careers of over 200 artists, all without any assistance from public funding or private donations, creating works that debuted in Tower Hamlets before reaching audiences internationally, with works travelling to Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland and the U.S.A.

To increase the scope and ambition of their programming now and into the future, they are seeking donors to contribute financially, between £200 and £500, to ensure the continuation of their free-for-all, open access programme. As a donor and patron of ]performance s p a c e [, benefactors would receive such benefits invitation to a VIP only reception (hosting an evening of one off performances by contemporary, leading artists), signed photographic prints of performances, and their name permanently etched onto the ‘Wall of Donors’ located within ]ps[.

Bean and Benjamin Sebastian, Creative Directors of ]performance s p a c e [ stated:

“We are proud to be part of this area and its creative legacy (that will be read about in years to come). However, like many creative areas before us, Hackney Wick is undergoing considerable change and we are having to rethink, logistically, how we move forward in order to continue to bring new contemporary performance artists to London and (free of charge to the public) maintain our internationally acclaimed programme that our audiences have come to expect.”

]performance s p a c e [ is receiving non-financial support  from The Legacy List, the post-Olympics Arts, Culture, Education and Skills charity. The charity was set up to secure a lasting cultural legacy from the London 2012 Olympics.

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