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Lemonade Dramaturgy: Heather Litteer @ Dramaturgy 2017

Lemonade written and starring Heather Litteer will be at the Assembly Rooms Drawing Room on George Street @ 4.30pm for the month of August for tickets go to 

Is performance still a good space for the public discussion of ideas? 

Yes, Absolutely! Performance is a place to gather as a community as a tribe or as a collective. To express who we are to tell stories about our life what inspires us. To gather together to fight back against political outrage, racial inequality, woman rights and more and more. To have a laugh in a room full of strangers.

To give hope when you think you are alone to hear
another persons story and to be able to relate on a myriad of levels weather it be emotional or to hash up some memories of your experience in this life.  For centuries theatre and performance had been part of culture and in the center of towns just like we are here in Edinburgh for the Fringe. Performance is is equally relevant today maybe even more with the climate of the political world and the all the violence that is world wide.  It's a platform for the people by the people. Let's get it on!

How did you become interested in making performance?
I suppose you could say the playing dress up in mother's closet for hours and hours was my first introduction to performance. She was ultimate glamour to me. I would pretend to be different movie stars . Making shows with my childhood Best Friends and neighborhood  kids to Grease and Saturday Night Fever & makings  dances to Michael Jackson, ABBA and The Bee Gee's. Eventually snagging my first leading role playing "Ladies First"  "Free to Be You and Me" by Marlo Thomas  in the 2nd grade about a little that always wants to go first so eventually she gets eaten by tigers! 

Is there any particular approach to the making of the show?
The show started as a poem  and just started to unfold as a full scale show. I just started piecing things together about all the different jobs I had had over the years and the different film roles. How I always felt typecast and adding my phone calls with my very Steal Magnolia Mother and her southern traditions back dropped with my NYC and she really wanted me to come back home to Momma. I was a bit of a , well let's say Wildflower!  

Does the show fit with your usual productions? 

I have been an working with experimental performance ensemble Big Art Group  and collaborating as team for over a decade we pushing the boundaries of theatre, film and visual arts we are  very transgressive and also using real time film technique. 

These experience with Caden Manson and Jemma Nelson at the helm have taught me more than I could ever dream of and touring the world with an amazing collective of rock star artists!  But  Lemonade is stripped down it is  all my own it comes straight from me from my heart and from my specific New York experience of being a woman, a daughter, an actress as well as  from the south. 

My deep southern fried relationship with my mother and how our values collide. It is truly a woman's journey about falling down 12 times and picking your self up 13.  Lemonade my first full length solo show. It's real and about my life. 
Although I am from the South so a "Lil Embellishing is always in order".  That's a line from Lemonade. 

What do you hope that the audience will experience?
I want my audience to come with me on a journey 
To Feel.To Know that we are only human the human animal and TO BE Empowered that against any and all odds you can push the envelope froward to take back the power if you feel you have been marginalized especially woman, Sexual Empowerment. To learn to forgive you self.  To love yourself .To inspire woman and tell a story and inspire each other.  
As Woman, As Human. As Empowerment.

What strategies did you consider towards shaping this audience experience?

 Let's go and A roller coaster ride!  Really, I am just inviting you into my life ,into my bedroom, my mother's home, my wild and uncut New York party girl experience and that famous sex scene. I want you to be with me every step of the way. I give you myself and my heart on my sleeve or on a platter you choose. 

This is just one woman's story but it is for all of us who have experienced great love and great loss.   For the girl on the other side. For the girl who feels she has no name. We all truly have our own story and our own life experience.  

ACTION! SCENE! ROLLING! and CUT! To be Continued...  

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